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Two new papers published

We are pleased to announce the publication of two new papers from the lab!

González-Rivero, M., A.R. Harborne, A. Herrera-Reveles, Y.-M. Bozec, A. Rogers, A. Friedman, A. Ganase, and O. Hoegh-Guldberg. 2017. Linking fishes to multiple metrics of coral reef structural complexity using three-dimensional technology. Scientific Reports. 7, 13965.

Davis, J.P., K.A. Pitt, A.D. Olds, A.R. Harborne, and R.M. Connolly. 2017. Seagrass corridors and tidal state modify how fish use habitats on intertidal coral reef flats. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 581, 135–147.

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