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Graduate students

(wanting to do a PhD or MSc)

TFEL is looking to recruit new graduate students who are keen to work on topics relating to coral-reef fish ecology. Please read and consider the following recommendations, then contact Alastair Harborne with an initial enquiry.

  • Read about the research in the lab and have a look at some of the recent publications to make sure they are consistent with your interests

  • Try to suggest some general research topics that you might be interested in working on - these don't need to detailed, but are more useful than saying you "want to work on coral reefs"

  • Please send a CV documenting your qualifications and research experience

  • I value research experience, even if it isn't in coral reef ecology - try to gain research experience wherever possible

  • Graduate opportunities are usually limited by funding - try to investigate funding opportunities such as FIU's TA scheme and NSF's Graduate Research Fellowship Program

  • Please be aware that FIU does not provide TA funding to MSc students. Therefore, unless Alastair is advertising an MSc position supported by funds from a successful grant application, it is virtually impossible to fund MSc students. Consequently, you will need to identify your own funding if you wish to undertake a MSc with TFEL

Post-doctoral researchers

TFEL welcomes approaches from post-graduate researchers who are keen to work on topics relating to coral-reef fish ecology. Funding is always limited for post-graduates, so please consider potential funding sources such as the NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowships. Please contact Alastair Harborne with an initial enquiry.

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